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Against Netanyahu, Trump and Macron : Support the Palestinian people !

Trump has once more fawned to the Zionists and to the most reactionary element of his own electorate by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But what can that do to change the revolt of the Palestinian people other than further stoke its anger against imperialist, Zionism and its allies ?

Macron has also grovelled once again to Netanyahu by receiving him again in Paris tomorrow after inviting himself to preside the Vel d’Hiv Commemoration in July, following on in the footsteps of Hollande who invited him to head the demonstration following the Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher supermarket massacre in 2015.

Both heads of government are more than happy to receive the butcher of the Palestinian people, whilst at the same time criminalising the BDS campaign, leaving the Franco-Palestinian Salah Hamouri in administrative detention in Israel and refusing to release Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

Macron criticises this new provocation by Trump, but only as the faithful lackey of French imperialism which seeks to carve out a place for itself as the favoured intermediary with the bourgeoisies in the region, from Israel, to the Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Macron couldn’t care less about the Palestinian people : he just wants to reinforce the position of France in the region ! Macros is actually in league with Netanyahu and the Zionists !

Today we are reminded of the thirtieth anniversary to the day of the First Intifada which began on 9 December 1987, when the Palestinian people took hold of its own destiny in its fight a against imperialism, Zionism and the reactionary forces. The disgraceful betrayal of the Oslo Agreements in 1993 has only delayed the victory to come.

The fight goes on for national liberation and to put an end to Zionism and the colonial State of Israel, for the return of all refugees and for a single, free, secular, democratic and multicultural State of Palestine with Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its single, undivided capital.

The Palestinian people can expect nothing from the international community, the Arab reactionary regimes or the corrupt, bourgeois Palestinian leaders of Hamas and Fatah.
The memory of the First Intifada shows the way : Resistance !

Support the Palestinian people and the Resistance !
Down with Netanyahu, Trump, Macron, accomplices of Zionism !
French imperialism out of the Middle East !

9 December 2017

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