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Beirut like AZF, capitalist chemistry kills !

Ban ammonium nitrates !

Nineteen years apart, the same images, the same massive destruction, the same crater, the same horrors-power 9 since there were 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate in Beirut, against "only" 300 tons at AZF. Dozens of deaths (at least 150), half of a city destroyed, thousands of victims, hundreds of thousands of homeless, a traumatized population.
On the scale, it is the same as in Toulouse in 2001.

The same explosive too.
A compound used as fertilizer or in explosives, extremely dangerous (as we have seen). A product resulting from the chemical industry and used massively, even though its dangerousness has been well known for a century (first explosion in 1921 in Germany, about ten disasters known since then). But a capitalist product with high profitability, at a derisory production cost, essential for intensive agro-capitalism (nitrates). The very example of these capitalist productions and technologies where profit prevails over all risks, over health and human life. The production of this toxic explosive must be stopped !

The same irresponsibility of capitalism in risk management.
At AZF, it was the full responsibility of Total with the cascading subcontracting and the bankruptcy of all safety regulations that caused the explosion.
In Beirut, the nitrate stock came from a garbage ship (the MV Rhosus - under a Moldovan flag of convenience), a veritable floating bomb in ruins that was banned from navigation in 2013 in the port of Beirut, immediately abandoned by the ship’s owners as well as the cargo. Pending a legal settlement, the cargo had been stored in the port and immediately forgotten. Globalized capitalist shipping, without faith or laws, thus added its responsibility in the explosion of the toxic fertilizer. Of course, the corruption and carelessness of the Lebanese government, against which the people have been in revolt for months, have only made things worse, and the anger is deep.
And neither in Saint-Malo can we trust the State - French this time - for the 60,000 tons of ammonium nitrates that pass through its port every year !

The explosion of the ammonium nitrate stockpile is not a Lebanese problem.
It is the problem of capitalist globalization, of agro-industry, of toxic chemistry, it is the problem of a mode of production that must be destroyed from top to bottom, it has proved too much its dangerousness for the whole planet !
We must put an end to imperialist capitalism. We must stop these senseless productions and therefore radically change the way of producing, the choices of priority, the working conditions. We need a real revolution that will never come of itself and for which we must organize !
No anti-capitalism without ecology, no ecology without anti-capitalism !

Prohibition of ammonitrates !

We are Greens because we are Reds !

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