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The 8th of March, fighting women’s day

Message to RAWA for the opportunity

On the 8 March, we will be celebrating the international day of fighting women, a day originally created at the behest of Clara Zetkin before being taken up by the Communist International.
While we never fail to honour the struggle waged by those said Mao Zedong to “hold up half of the sky", on this particular occasion, we salute the fight of Iranian, Kurdish, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Palestinian, Filipino, Indian, European, African and North and South American women for equality, for a society free from the oppression of patriarchy from time immemorial.

We salute in particular the struggle of our Afghan sisters in RAWA who have been fighting fundamentalism, imperialism and reaction for almost fifty years.
For over twenty years, we have understood that the struggle of our Afghan comrades is at the heart of all struggles on this planet and that it is an example for us all.
Women are at the forefront of the world revolution.
Because of their situation – overexploited, oppressed, often alone in looking after their families – they have an enormous potential for revolt, courage and determination, which RAWA has understood and condensed into an organisation.

RAWA organises Afghan women clandestinely, through education, health care, aid to refugees ; a whole range of humanitarian tasks that serve as the basis for a radical anti-imperialist and democratic political activity for a new society and the liberation of the people as a whole, and women first and foremost.

This year, on March 8, we humbly salute the courage and determination of our sisters in RAWA and reiterate our determination to always stand with them.

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